Re: Ulysses' Gaze, Pretty Village,Pretty Flame, Images and Words of H ate,

Milos Stehlik (
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 13:09:11 -0500

In film, Ulysses' Gaze and Pretty Village Pretty Flame are released by Fox Lorber in NY who also
released the video versions of both films, which are available through major distributors. It's possible
that they only have 35mm prints, though, and not 16.


Milos Stehlik
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Rhonda Pancoe wrote:

> I'm looking for distributors of the above named films. Would prefer to
> rent them in 16 mm but video would be okay too:
> Ulysses' Gaze which won top Cannes prizes in 1995
> Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, 1993
> Images and Words of Hate
> Vukovar, 1994
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