What's become of...?

Oksana Dykyj (oksana@vax2.concordia.ca)
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:33:36 -0500

Hello all,

What has become of the Program for Art on Film (the joint venture of the
Metropolitan Museum of Art and the J. Paul Getty Trust) and more
importantly what has become of their database? Has it been donated to some
other institution and is beeing kept up to date? (I tried contacting them
and their phones are disconnected)

Secondly, what has become of Arts America (Greenwich)? Their phones are
disconnected, e-mail bounces back and website cannot be accessed. It will
be sad to have to strike them off our lists of distributors.

Since my two main sources of information about films on art and artists are
apparently no more, where should I be looking now? Has anyone found a good
distributor for art documentaries etc.

Lastly,does anyone know where I could purchase Elaine De Kooning Paints a
Painting (1976) dir. Betty Thiebaud; Elaine De Kooning: A Portrait
(Virginia Museum of Fine Arts) dir. Gerald McCarthy; and De Kooning on De
Kooning (part of the Strokes of Genius series by Cort Productions) dir.
Charlotte Zwerin?