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Following is a description of STOLEN MOMENTS, a new release from First
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A Film by Margaret Wescott

Despite the lack of adequate documentation, lesbians have always existed.
However, this existence has rarely been accepted, resulting in the
suppression of lesbian history. Out of a pressing need to give
representation to lesbian life throughout the ages, acclaimed filmmaker
Margaret Wescott weaves together the lost threads of lesbian history,
personally articulating little-known stories from the past, of women who
could only come together in "stolen moments."

The festivities of a Gay Pride Parade on the anniversary of the Stonewall
uprising serve as the point of departure for a journey into a turbulent
past. Narrated by Kate Nelligan, this provocative film provides a
multi-faceted chronicle of struggle and celebration. From the salvaged
fragments of Sappho's lyric poems, written in ancient Greece, to 18th
century life along the misty canals of Amsterdam, from romantic rendez-vous
in Parisian streets to North America in the 1950s, STOLEN MOMENTS documents
a history that has never been given equal time.

STOLEN MOMENTS charts a trajectory marked by oppression, but also documents
the utopias lesbians created for themselves over the eras. The thriving
lesbian culture in the cabarets of pre-War Berlin is evoked through vivid
reenactments and the literary salons of Gertrude Stein's Paris are remembered.

Today, lesbians are at the forefront of a movement that has thrown into
question assumptions about sexuality and social identity, including the
definition of family. Writers Joan Nestle, Leslie Feinberg, Judy Grahn,
Nicole Brossard, and Audre Lorde share their insights on sexual politics and
feminism, life, and love. STOLEN MOMENTS explores the past and present of
lesbian life against a backdrop of women's motorcycle clubs, the Michigan
Womyn's Music Festival, the Vancouver Gay Games, lesbian stand-up comedy,
and the bars that were once the only public meeting places available to

Giving voice to stories that have been scattered or buried, rendering a
shadowy history visible, STOLEN MOMENTS is a tribute to the past - and to
the future - of lesbians in society.

92 minutes / color / 1997 / Order #98-V21
Sale/video: $150

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