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Pierre J. Gregoire (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:33:50 -0500

Hear, Hear! I find it appalling that we would be vehemently upstanding (look at
any of the mass of communications from ALA Washington Lobby re: erate and
censorship) against web oriented classification by "values", yet seem to accept
MPAA's as a given. Perhaps I'm assuming a behavior is broadly practiced based
upon my narrow experience. I hope.
Pierre Gregoire
Audio Visual Institute of DuPage

Kino International Corporation wrote:

> I wonder if the issue of unrated films came up. Most small companies like
> Kino do not rate any films, partly out of sincere belief that it is wrong
> and partly because it was cost thousands per film to do so. There is vastly
> increasing pressure on small companies to get MPPA ratings and Blockbuster
> is threatening to no longer carry unrated films. In our case unrated films
> would run from DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (PG at best ) to HAPPY TOGETHER (an R)
> but since we do not rate films we will never know. We actually incurred the
> anger of the MPPA because we did not put the R rating on the boxes of the
> now infamous TIN DRUM. The film had been given the rating in 79 but it
> never occured to us to put it on the box since we did not have our pictures
> rated. Right now no major company will release an NC 17 and Miramax and
> October were forced to either drop or create phony companies for films that
> received this rating because they both are owned by larger studios.
> I personally find it disturbing that so many public libraries do rely on
> the MPPA ratings in purchasing or accessing films. I hope that libraries
> will continue to fight against it.
> Jessica Rosner
> Kino
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