Re: Looking for Videos

Karen Venturella (
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 08:14:05 -0400

I posted this list to the videolib a few months ago but didn't get any response.
I was wondering if you might know how I find out the current distributors for
these films as I cannot find them in the Video Directory, Video Sourcebook, BIP
and some other sources?

We have the following Umatic titles that we would like to convert to VHS. We
have written for permission to the distributors listed after the titles. In many
cases, the distributor does not have the rights or we do not have the correct
address. Is anyone able to tell us whom we might write to for permission to
convert to VHS format?
Any assistance would be appreciated.

- 600 Millenia (Chinese Antiquities) - Public Television Library
- Guten Tag (German language films) International Film Bureau
- Buckminster Fuller Saturn Pictures
- What Goes On (Sex Therapy) Network for Continuing Medical Communications
- Heroes Video Record Corp of America
- Non-Verbal Communication Intercollegiate Video Clearing House
- Piney (Pine Barrens of NJ) WNEW-TV5 Metromedia
- The Blues Videorecord Corp. of America
- Laughing Alligator (Indians) Castelli/Sonnabend
- Semi-Buffet Castelli/Sonnabend
- Selected Works #1: William Wegman Castelli/Sonnabend
- Looking Glass Castelli-Sonnabend, 1980
- Proceyosto Historico para America Latina
- Vertical Roll (video art by Joan Jonas) Castelli/Sonnabend
- Hatsi Yume (First Dream) by Bill Viola Electronic Arts Intermix (WNET)
- San Francisco Films Inc. ("don't have rights on these titles")
- Skyscrapers and Slums (Brazil Series) Film Inc
- City of Newcomers (Brazil Series) Film Inc.
- Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century - CEL Educational Resources
- Lenapes: Original People Agnello Films can't locate correct address
- Personal Finance - created by the Southern California Consortium for Community
College Television