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Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:51:32 -0500

I wonder if the issue of unrated films came up. Most small companies like
Kino do not rate any films, partly out of sincere belief that it is wrong
and partly because it was cost thousands per film to do so. There is vastly
increasing pressure on small companies to get MPPA ratings and Blockbuster
is threatening to no longer carry unrated films. In our case unrated films
would run from DAUGHTERS OF THE DUST (PG at best ) to HAPPY TOGETHER (an R)
but since we do not rate films we will never know. We actually incurred the
anger of the MPPA because we did not put the R rating on the boxes of the
now infamous TIN DRUM. The film had been given the rating in 79 but it
never occured to us to put it on the box since we did not have our pictures
rated. Right now no major company will release an NC 17 and Miramax and
October were forced to either drop or create phony companies for films that
received this rating because they both are owned by larger studios.

I personally find it disturbing that so many public libraries do rely on
the MPPA ratings in purchasing or accessing films. I hope that libraries
will continue to fight against it.

Jessica Rosner

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