Re: Naked Lunch Question

Eileen Karsten (
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 09:07:24

>From my experience at some public libraries, if the video is rated anything
but G or PG-13, the library will not lend it to a child. Many public
libraries adhere to the same movie viewing requirements as movie theaters
and video stores. If you are not old enough under the rating system to see
it in a movie theater, you are not old enough to check it out. As for the
book, I assume it is classified in adult fiction. Some libraries still
issue children's cards and adult fiction can not be checked out. But other
libraries do not distribute children's cards, so I assume it is not the job
of individual library employees to censor young patrons reading choices.
Junior can check out Naked Lunch.

But it still leaves us with the question, who is responsible for censoring
children's viewing, reading, listening, etc. habits. Their parents or the
library staff? I vote for the parents coming to the library with the child.

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