Re: Movie search "Woman in the Dunes"

Pierre Gregoire (
Tue, 4 Aug 1998 17:18:38 EDT

Dear Marilyn,

We acquired the rights to Woman in the Dunes a year-and-a-half ago,=0Acop=
yrighted it (finally) under Mr. Teshigahara's name (he's the producer and=
=0Adirector), made sure we removed all the previously badly-duped public =
domain=0Aversions, got a brand-new video master from his camera negative =
(we're=0Areleasing it in November on video along with another of his film=
s, Antonio=0AGaudi), made a brand-new 35mm print with new subtitles and r=
eleased it=0Atheatrically last year around the country.

Now, having said all this, we were forced to make a new 16mm print off of=
the=0Aold 16mm negative. The sharpness is wonderful, the contrast is ter=
rific, but=0Athe subtitles are from the 1963 release and there were hairl=
ine scratches on=0Athe negative that would have been prohibitively expens=
ive to try to fix. We=0Ahave rented the new 16mm quite a few times withou=
t a single complaint so it=0Aseems to bother me a lot more than anybody e=
lse. How's that for truth in=0Aadvertising?

Call us if you want to rent it!

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