Re: Beatles documentary

Gary Handman (
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 08:28:13 -0700


A lot of times filmworks which are broadcast on TV (public or otherwise)
never make it into wider
[video] distribution. The reason for this is usually economic in nature:
the cost of paying off all the intellectual property stake holders (the
music guys, the stock footage guys, the performers, etc.) is simply too
steep to justify trying to negotiate "non-theatrical" distribution...
Sometimes, negotiating a video distribution deal simply isn't feasible for
other reasons. In any case, the lamentable result of all this is the
frequent non-availability of great programming. I've found that
BBC/Granada stuff very never makes it into video distribution...more often
so than domestic public broadcasting programming, certainly.

Maybe someone out there (Dan Bickley???) knows why this is so.

Gary Handman

>Dear Videolib,
> Why would "non-theatric use" be a problem in supplying a video? I
>contacted the person who might be able to help me locate this video and
>here is her response:
>TIA--Joan O'Connor
>I am afraid this programme could not be made availbale for this kind of
>use as it contains lots of material which was not Granada's copyright,
>and this would not have been cleared for non-theatric use. I am sorry i
>cannot help you further on this occasion.
>Christine Rimmer
>> Dear Christine Rimmer,
>> I am trying to find a video of a TV documentary put out in
>> 1987 by Granada TV about the Beatles : "It was 20 years ago today." Do you
>> have any suggestions as to where I can find this? A professor at Trinity
>> College in Hartford, CT wants to use this for his freshman seminar. We
>> would like to purchase this if possible but would consider rental if
>> need be. Thank you.