Re: public performance rights

Stan Diamond (
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 23:16:34 -0400

I really don't mean to be a nitpicker about this, but I feel that
accuracy is important when the issue is copyright. I do not believe that
"public performance" and "cablecasting" rights are ever the same thing.
They are separate and distinct sets of rights, but they may well be held by
the same copyright owner. You already had PP rights and when you called PBS
they granted you the cablecasting rights also, which they were able to do
because they were, presumably, the holder of those rights for that
particular work. Your final statement is however perfect - never assume you
have permission.


>Stan and all others reading this -- Yes we understand campus cable rights and
>public performance rights may be unrelated; sometimes they're the same. I've
>called PBS and asked for permission to cable cast a "Public Performance" video
>over campus cable and was given approval. Other times, other distributors,
>the answer was "No." Then we had to negotiate and sometimes pay for the
>campus cable use. It's a mixed bag out there in my experience. My word of
>caution is check and double check before assuming you have permission. Thanks
>for the comments. Francis Poole, University of Delaware.