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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 16:36:22 -0700

At 02:19 PM 6/25/98 -0700, you wrote:
>i am planning on renovating, remodeling, etc. our media area. currrently,
>we do not have any rooms set aside for group viewing, but i would like
>to include some in my plans. we have small groups of students studying
>slides and videos....
>anyways, from your experience, what do you think in terms of security?
>do i need them to be viewable from the main media area? someone here
>suggested that we have them acoustically designed, but have one wall glassed
>in so that we can monitor them -- seems like that would destroy the acoustics
>first off, and secondly for appropriate lighting, each room would have to be
>dark, and thus either 4 walls or closed shades which would defeat the security

Sorry for the late reply - on vacation 2 weeks and then computer
down for almost 2 weeks.....
We have one large room (seating capacity 60) with a vcr/monitor on
cart and a big screen tv, video can be viewed on one or both simultaneously.
We have 2 small rooms that can seat up to 15 people with vcr and monitor.
The rooms are scheduled for small group viewing, meetings, clubs, etc. When
not scheduled students are welcome to use them for studying. We also have
wipe-off boards installed with pen sets & eraser for check-out with barcode.
In the 12 years I've been here we have had 1 vcr stolen (it was not locked
with typewriter locks as the others are....) and no vandalism, just some
scribbling on the tables before we hung the wipe-off boards. There's way
too many people opening the doors to see if they can go in (when the rooms
aren't scheduled) to have any more hanky-panky going on than would go on in
a library alcove. Most watch with the lights on (old wiring without dimmer)
because it's much too dark to write notes, so we'd be surprised to find a
dark room.

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