Search - videos on ethics

Agee, Jane (
Tue, 07 Jul 98 10:53:13 est

Can anyone suggest video titles that subtly teach ethics -- trust, respect,
honesty, etc. -- to be used with a group of 15-18 year olds? These black kids
are in high school, underachievers who easily could be overachievers, and very
street-smart. The goal is to improve their lives, their performance in school
and bring them up to the point where they can secure scholarships for college.
Duke's Center for Ethics has a summer program for them as part of our
community out-reach. They'd prefer documentaries, although feature films would
be considered.
We found all kinds of things relating to ethics in business, medicine,
religion and on the elementary level. Also found many titles in the Video
Source Book index, but they want titles recommended by other users. So, we're
asking for your help.
Thanks in advance.

Jane Agee,
Duke University Library