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The animated film is called Everybody Rides the Carousel, and is follows
Erikson's stages of life (all the stages, not just childhood); It was
made by John and Faith Hubley. We purchased it years ago, first on film
and then on video, from Pyramid Film & Video in Santa Monica, CA.
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>From Pyramid's online catalog (also available home video):
Everybody Rides the Carousel
Based on the writings of psychoanalyst Erik Erikson,
this brilliant animated film invites the viewer along on
eight rides through the different stages of life. The film
reflects the inner feelings and conflicting emotions
experienced during each stage of personality
development. By John and Faith Hubley.

72 minutes.
VHS: $125.00 Laserdisc: $199.00

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On Mon, 6 Jul 1998, Carolyn Baxley wrote:

> I had an inquiry from a doctor in Israel who is trying to locate a
> cartoon by Eriksson on early developmental stages. Does anyone know
> where I might refer him?
> Carolyn Baxley