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Thu, 25 Jun 1998 14:58:06 PST8PDT

We have 6 small group viewing rooms accommodating 4-8 people.
They are fully outfitted for 1/2", 3/4" video, 16mm film, slides
and filmstrips. Each has a table and chairs. We are the
nonprint RBR also so we have skeletons, bones, skulls, rocks,
etc., for students to "hands-on" study in groups. We also have
2 large group rooms holding 65 people fully outfitted with the
above plus OH projector, opaque projector, and Pentium computer
running Windows 95, Office 97, which is heavily booked for
library instruction, demonstrations, classroom presentations by
students, video projection on large screen, etc. You do need to
have glass in the doors of the small group rooms and monitor
them once and awhile. Students will try to tape paper up or
blacken room and do everything in those rooms except watch
videos and I'm sure you know what I mean. (we even have a
procedure for entering darkened rooms that don't appear to be
have normal activity in them.) We have special sliding-dimming
on and off switches for the lights. The doors remain locked
until students request them. They may only be used for media
study. All of our materials are barcoded (a recent project) and
checked out to the student before the door is unlocked. We even
have a "barcode" for each room so we have a year-end count of

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i am planning on renovating, remodeling, etc. our media area. currrently,
we do not have any rooms set aside for group viewing, but i would like
to include some in my plans. we have small groups of students studying
slides and videos....

anyways, from your experience, what do you think in terms of security?
do i need them to be viewable from the main media area? someone here
suggested that we have them acoustically designed, but have one wall glassed
in so that we can monitor them -- seems like that would destroy the acoustics
first off, and secondly for appropriate lighting, each room would have to be
dark, and thus either 4 walls or closed shades which would defeat the security

i'd love to hear from any of you who have group rooms....


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