Re: Shelving

Stan Diamond (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 16:03:12 -0700

Although it would be initially time and resource consuming, you might want
to consider creating an on-line catalog of your video collection. As part
of this you might consider scanning the sleeves and including the image in
the database. You could then create a website for the video collection
which would allow title or key word searching and which would present the
patron with the image of the sleeve when the selected a record to view.
This website could be made accessible over the web or could be restricted
to use within the library.

At 11:51 AM 6/25/98 -0700, you wrote:
>I am trying to track down ideas for video shelving. Currently, we double
>shelve, that is, our video sleeves are on display in bins, arranged first by
>general subject, then, alphabetically within the subject. Patrons pull the
>sleeves, and bring them to the circulation desk. The staff at the desk
>retrieve the selected titles from the closed access area, where the videos
>are shelved. Our problem is the displaying of the video sleeves. We are
>out of room on our table, and the collection is growing. Currently we have
>5500 videos and are still growing. Perhaps it is time to stop the browsing
>feature for patrons altogether. I don't know. At this time, we are
>committed to a retrieval system, because we have no room for shelving the
>videos out on the floor. We have a severe overall space problem, anyway. I
>have looked through catalogs, but don't see anything that would be helpful
>for such a large collection. Has anyone done anything unique? If you have
>any ideas, please reply to me personally, and I will try to summarize for
>the list if there is any interest. Thank you so much!
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