Becky Tatar (
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 11:50:42 -0700

I am trying to track down ideas for video shelving. Currently, we double
shelve, that is, our video sleeves are on display in bins, arranged first by
general subject, then, alphabetically within the subject. Patrons pull the
sleeves, and bring them to the circulation desk. The staff at the desk
retrieve the selected titles from the closed access area, where the videos
are shelved. Our problem is the displaying of the video sleeves. We are
out of room on our table, and the collection is growing. Currently we have
5500 videos and are still growing. Perhaps it is time to stop the browsing
feature for patrons altogether. I don't know. At this time, we are
committed to a retrieval system, because we have no room for shelving the
videos out on the floor. We have a severe overall space problem, anyway. I
have looked through catalogs, but don't see anything that would be helpful
for such a large collection. Has anyone done anything unique? If you have
any ideas, please reply to me personally, and I will try to summarize for
the list if there is any interest. Thank you so much!

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