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>** Merger-Merger-Mergers **
>Title: AT&T-TCI Merge in $68-Billion Deal for Local Entry Using Cable
>Source: Telecom AM
>Issue: Mergers
>Title: With Cable Deal, AT&T Makes Move to Regain Empire
>Source: New York Times (A1)
>Author: Seth Schiesel
>Title: Breakthrough for AT&T Came at Secret Meeting
>Source: Washington Post (A8)
>Author: Mike Mills
>Description: AT&T will pay $68 billion to merge will TCI; $48 billion for
>TCI's shares plus an additional $20 billion for TCI's Liberty Media Corp.
>The new company AT&T Consumer Services (ACS) will offer video, Internet and
>telephony over a single connection. The Baby Bell companies replied by
>issued a joint statement calling on the FCC to step up the process of
>approving in-region long distance entry. [See reaction from FCC Chairman
>Kennard <http://www.fcc.gov/Speeches/Kennard/Statements/stwek850.html>]
>Title: AT&T Buys TCI, Looks to One-Stop Future
>Source: Washington Post (A1,A14)
>Author: Paul Farhi
>Title: A High Tech Vision Faces Big Hurdles
>Source: Wall Street Journal (B1,B8)
>Author: Jared Sandberg & Thomas E. Weber
>Issue: Mergers
>Description: Following AT&T's announcement of its $48 billion takeover of
>Tele-Communications Inc. yesterday, AT&T vowed to become the one-stop
>provider of a variety of telecommunications services to households across
>the U.S. Both TCI's chairman, John C. Malone, and AT&T chairman, C. Michael
>Armstrong, promised on Wednesday that millions of residential customers
>would ultimately benefit from the companies' merger. AT&T said by coupling
>its long-distance lines with TCI's cable connections it will be able to
>offer the first major competition to the regional Bell phone companies,
>which now own a "near-monopoly" on local phone service. AT&T also envisions
>a time when customers will be able to pay for all major telecommunications
>services via a single monthly bill.

>Title: Telecom World Is Wondering 'Who's Next?'
>Source: Wall Street Journal (B1,B8)
>Author: Kyle Pope
>Issue: Mergers
>Description: More mergers? Analysts not only expect more mergers between
>phone and cable companies but a buying frenzy within the cable industry.
>"One way or another, these companies are going to be affiliated with phone
>companies," said Merrill Lynch & Co. analyst Jessica Reif Cohen. "There's
>going to be consolidation in this industry." They also predict that the
>combination of cable and phone services is a precursor to the marketing of
>bundled cable services.
>Title: Hooking Up The Nation
>Source: New York Times (A1)
>Author: Saul Hansell
>Issue: Mergers
>Description: Hey, does all this sound familiar. Phone giant buys cable giant
>TCI and changes the communications landscape. Five years ago, it was Bell
>Atlantic that was hot for TCI in the "mother of all anti-mergers." What's
>different now? The Internet. While the TCI-Bell Atlantic deal promised 500
>video channels to the home -- a service no one knew if consumers wanted --
>the deal with AT&T is actually a scramble for the two companies to keep pace
>and provide Internet access over phone and cable networks. The competitors
>are Time Warner and other cable companies and companies that weren't on the
>map five years ago like WorldCom-MCI and America Online. "Though few would
>have predicted it back in 1993, the Internet and its multimedia World Wide
>Web have become that vaunted information highway -- and the main vehicle for
>driving it is not a television set but an increasingly TV-like computer,"
>Hansell writes.

>** Minorities **
>Title: Black America on the Air
>Source: New York Times (A22)
>Author: Jim Yardley
>Issue: Minorities/Television
>Description: At a time when blacks were largely only seen on TV in newscasts
>about riots, protests, or crime, Charles Hobson produced "Inside
>Bedford-Stuyvesant." "This was a way for blacks to hear their voices," said
>Hobson. "Here's a community of about 400,000 people at that time, with all
>of their culture and churches, and no coverage." Mr. Hobson has edited
>excerpts of the 1968-70 show [were you trying to guess the year?] into a
>55-minute film. The show had a 52-program run on WNEW in New York. It ended
>when sponsorship money dwindled.
>** Lifestyle **
>Title: Panel Urges Americans to Turn Off TV, Get Involved
>Source: Washington Post (A6)
>Author: David S. Broder
>Issue: Lifestlyes
>Description: The bipartisan National Commission on Civic Renewal released an
>18-month study yesterday, titled "A Nation of Spectators." The study reports
>that community and civic life are on the wane and recommends that the remedy
>lies in turning off the television set and getting more involved with
>family, school, neighborhood and church. The private commission said the
>concern and cynicism that many Americans voiced cannot be placed entirely on
>poor leadership but involves the indifference of those who spend more time
>watching TV than working with their neighbors. The 20-member commission has
>made several suggestions for solving this problem, most of which are likely
>to be considered controversial.

>** Arts **
>Title: Guggenheim to Add Digital Art to Its Collection
>Source: New York Times (CyberTimes)
>Author: Matthew Mirapaul
>Issue: Arts
>Description: "In the most ambitious effort of its kind by a major American
>cultural institution, the Guggenheim Museum is launching a $1 million
>project to commission, acquire and display works of digital art. It marks
>the first time that a top-rank U.S. museum has made a substantive commitment
>to interactive, computer-based works of art, a genre already taken seriously
>in Europe and Japan but one yet to be legitimized by the U.S. art
>establishment. 'Everybody looks at the Guggenheim in the late 20th century
>as redefining in global terms what the museum is, that it's not one site but
>multiple sites,' said John G. Hanhardt, the museum's senior curator of film
>and media arts. 'The Virtual Museum will not simply be a point of
>transmission; it will become a location for innovation and a laboratory for
>further transforming our thinking about what the museum is.'"
>** Internet **
>Title: Judge Issues Injunction Against State Internet Porn Law
>Source: New York Times (CyberTimes)
>Author: Matt Richtel
>Issue: Internet Regulation
>Description: U.S. District Judge C. LeRoy Hansen, in New Mexico, issued a
>preliminary injunction earlier this week to bar a state law scheduled to
>take effect in July that would have made it a crime to electronically
>transmit sexual images or content to minors. Judge Hansen indicated that the
>law could possible violate First Amendment rights on free speech and
>constitutional protections on interstate trade.

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