[DIGLIBNS:694] New issue of RLG DigiNews now available! (fwd)

Kristine R. Brancolini (brancoli@indiana.edu)
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:32:01 -0500 (EST)

DVD news in an electronic newsletter on digital issues... I thought some
of you might be interested. The article I mention is the first of two
technical feature articles, described in the second paragraph.

Kristine Brancolini
Indiana University Libraries

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Subject: [DIGLIBNS:694] New issue of RLG DigiNews now available!

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>Volume 2, Issue 3 of RLG DigiNews, the web-based, quarterly
>newsletter is now available at:
>The June issue contains a feature article by Anne R. Kenney and Oya
>Y. Rieger of Cornell University's Preservation Department.
>Their article, "Using Kodak Photo CD Technology for Preservation and
>Access: A Guide for Librarians, Archivists, and Curators,"
>summarizes the results of a Cornell study that evaluated the use of
>Kodak Photo CD technology for preserving and making available a
>range of research material. The study, funded by a grant from the
>New York State Education Department's Program for the Conservation
>and Preservation of Library Research Materials, was inspired by the
>strong interest in the use of Kodak Photo CD technology within the
>cultural community and was conducted in cooperation with the eleven
>New York State comprehensive research libraries.
>The issue also contains two technical feature articles. The first,
>"The Promise of DVDs for Digital Libraries," is from Steve Gilheany
>of Archive Builders. In his piece, Gilheany describes the DVD
>(Digital Video Disk or Digital Versatile Disk) and its promise as a
>new storage medium. Article specifics include storage capacity, DVD
>and multimedia, costs, and backward compatibility issues. The
>second technical piece, "Fractal and Wavelet Compression," is by
>Steven Puglia of the National Archives and Records Administration
>(US). In his article, Puglia discusses two new methods of image
>compression which are generating a great deal of interest from
>institutions digitizing and providing access to oversized materials
>such as maps, architectural plans, and engineering drawings. The
>new compression methods, already in use at several US institutions,
>offer real advantages for providing access to large, complex images
>via the Internet.
>As with earlier issues, rounding out this issue is a current
>calendar of events, project announcements, highlighted web sites,
>and a FAQ about the difference between the optical resolution and
>the interpolated resolution of scanners.
>Readers can continue to search issues of RLG DigiNews by keyword or
>browse the hyperlinked tables of content of available issues.
>For more information about RLG or PRESERV, please contact
>Robin Dale (bl.rld@rlg.org).


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