Physical damage and videotape

Jean McCarron (
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:16:54 -0700

Should I be worried?

We have just starting using a new RTI cleaning/inspection machine and have
our first batch of videos returned with "defects". There are about a dozen
with slightly "serrated/wavy" edges, but when viewed they still have
excellent picture and sound. My question is - is there any real reason for
withdrawing tapes like this? We wouldn't have even known about these
faults before...because people typically only complain to us when the
picture/sound are faulty, or if there is gross damage (video sticks in
machine, broken flaps). Can these tapes damage a vcr machine in any way if
we return them to the collection? I'm not talking about severely crumpled
tape which might catch and unwind in a machine.

Thankyou for any help anyone can give.

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