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<< I think it's great that
people in the business of selling videos monitor and contribute to the list.
They have all been very informative in the past, so I hope you can help me

1. Dreams - 3 vcts - something that was in a PBS type catalog, could be A&E,
Learning Channel, etc.

2. Rock 'n' Roll - 5 vcts - not Dick Clark's series, and not the Time-Life
series, either. >>


On behalf of my fellow distributors, thank you for the kind words...

Vide-O-Go / That's Infotainment! distributes the "DREAMS" series... the
"official" title is "The Language Of Dreams" and the series is expanding as I
write this! Each tape carries an MSRP of $29.95 (Videolib subscribers receive
a 15% discount through Vide-O-Go)...

The "Short Course" includes volume 1 ("Understanding Your Dreams: The Method")
and volume 2 ("Relating To Your Dreams") along with a study guide. This
2-volume set covers how to begin dreamwork and explains the method used on all
tapes. A great way to acquaint yourself with the language of your own dreams.

The "Basic Course" includes the short course plus the next four videos
covering human relations in dreams:
Volume 3 - Women In Women's Dreams
Volume 4 - Men In Women's Dreams
Volume 5 - Men In Men's Dreams
Volume 6 - Women In Men's Dreams
A study guide for all six videos is also included.

The "Complete Course" includes all six videos in the basic course plus the
next 9 videos, covering such diverse topics as relationships and specific
symbols in dreams:
Volume 7 - Birds And Flying Creatures (Part 1)
Volume 8 - Birds And Flying Creatures (Part 2)
Volume 9 - Snakes In Dreams
Volume 10 - Cars, Bikes, Trains And Other Vehicles Of Transportation
Volume 11 - Clothes, Hair, Jewelry: Female Adornment In Dreams
Volume 12 - Menstruation, Pregnancy, Birth: Cycles Of Life
Volume 13 - Relationships: The Inner Other
Volume 14 - The Alchemy Of Relationships
Volume 15 - Personality Types
The study guide included covers all 15 videos. This is the course for anyone
wanting to truly explore dreams and the messages they carry.

Vide-O-Go also distributes "Rock & Roll" - 10 hours on 5 volume set from WGBH:
MSRP: $149.95 - 15% Videolib discount.
Titles include:
"Renegades / In The Groove"
"Shakespeares In The Alley / Respect"
"Crossroads / Blues In Technicolor"
"The Wild Side / Make It Funky"
"Punk / The Perfect Beat"
Individual volumes are also available at $39.95 each.

Wishing you continued success...

Dean W. Stevens, ceo
Vide-O-Go, Inc. / That's Infotainment! Multimedia Learning Center
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