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>For a twentieth century French literature class this summer that will happen
>only if there is enough enrollment (which means I need to do a last minute
>order), a faculty member would like to show 2 videos based on works of
>literature set in the period between WWI and II. His first choices are
> 1. Therese Desqueyroux
> 2. Huis Clos (aka No Exit).
> I have been able to verify that these fims were indeed made, but I have not
>been able to find a distributor. He especially wants works based on
novels by
>Sartre and Camus.
> Other choices are
>L'Etranger (The Stranger) (Lo Straniero) (There are two based on this Camus
>novel. Any feelings about which is best--Orson Welles or Dino de
Laurentiis/Luchino Visconti?
> Does anyone know of distributors or rental sources (I've checked scads of
>university catalogs) for any of these?


This may not be exactly what you're looking for but, you never know. We
have the The Stranger, 95 minutes, 1946, B/W, scheduled as a new release,
in _Open Caption_, on July 23rd, 1998. Your can read more about it by
visiting the following URL:

Starring: Richard Long, Edward G. Robinson, Martha Wentworth,
Loretta Young, Konstantin Shayne, Orson Welles
Director: Orson Welles - Studio: International Pictures
Crime Thriller - Award Nominations:
Best Original Screenplay, Victor Trivas, 1946 Academy
Best Picture (winner), 1946 Venice Film Festival.

I'd love to have your feedback on our Open Captioning effort. Stan

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