Re: Copying Audiocassette Tapes in the Library

Gail B. Fedak (
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 14:02:36 -0700


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> > Has anyone provided a telex (or similar) audiocassette copier in the library? We provide one, but are considering removing the machine for copyright reasons. Students ask library staff to copy mostly lecture tapes that students recorded in a class. What are your thoughts?
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> > Richard Cosmann
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We have been providing a single copy, high speed, audio cassette duplicator to our patrons at the circulation desk for about 20 years. The duplicator has a fair use/copyright statement on it similar to one found on library paper copiers. We will not duplicate any tape for any
patron; they must do their own duplicating. When asked if the duplicator will copy only a piece of the original tape onto the blank, the answer is, "No, the duplicator copies the whole tape, not selected parts." Our technical services department will duplicate tapes for
faculty use only if I can document that copyright clearance has been obtained. They charge non-faculty a stiff fee for duplicating tapes; however, I still have to pass judgement on the copyright clearance before they will do the work. Because our single duplicator is located
in plain sight at the circulation desk, our staff can (and do) monitor how patrons use the duplicator. If someone appears to be duplicating a large number of tapes (many copies of one or one copy of many), the staff remind the patron that the duplicator is available for making
a single copy of a tape, not multiple copies, and ask that the individual stop making multiple copies. Thus far, we have had few problems with this arrangement.

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