Re: DVS Videos
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 14:32:26 MDT

The Denver Public Library has all or almost all of the DVS titles and
they seem to be very popular with whom they are intended; the visually
impaired. We have had complaints from customers who checked these
videos out, not realizing that they were described. I would recommend
clearly marked packaging and BIB records.


James G. Smith
Collection Development Office
Denver Public Library
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>We are thinking of ording some of these videos for our Library and
>like to know if anyone has these videos in their collection and if so,
>what kind of responds have you gotten from the public about these
>These videos are descriptive for people who are blind or have low
>and professional narrators to match the tone of their preformance to
> the movie to maximixe the power of the spoken word.
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