La Familia

Carole Clemens (
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 10:16:50 EDT

I'll help and make it more complicated.

La Familia is also the name of the Etore Scola film made in 1987 that was
distributed by Vestron Films. You could check Artisan Films that was Live
Entertainment that had picked up Vestron when they closed many years ago. You
could also try the Italian Cultural Institute in NYC -- phone: 212-879-4242. A
description of it can be found in Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide under
the title, "Family, The"

If you are looking for last year's film that was produced by Esicma of Madrid,
Spain, it has not been picked up as of yet. However, you can contact them (I
believe you write to Juan Gordon) at fax number 011-541-359 66 83. The story
line of this one if it helps, is that the film starts with a warm, happy
family gathering to celebrate the birthday of the elderly grandfather. It
slowly becomes apparent, however, that the "family" are actually actors paid
by the old man to come help him celebrate. It got a great review in Variety
and it reminds me that Esicma still owes me a tape of it!

Dennis Doros
Milestone Film & Video