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Stan Diamond (
Tue, 26 May 1998 19:41:43 -0400

Contact Peter Mason of Dymaxion Research. They are located in Nova Scotia,
but I dont have their contact info on hand right now.I think their system -
MediaNet will meet all your needs. I used to use it at Penn State where I
ran a 24000 title rental collection among other things. You can also use it
to establish web based catalog and develop on-line ordering. Their website

Tell Peter I sent you.

Stan Diamond

> I just subscribed to this forum today, so I hope I am sending this
> message this correctly.
> I am a corporate librarian for a company that produces educational
> videos and programming for schools. We have a video library which
> contains approximately 12,000 videotapes, including both edited pieces
> and raw footage.
> We are currently cataloguing videos using an in-house software program
> which does not incorporate MARC format. The needs of our patrons, who
> are internal employees, make using traditional library cataloguing
> methods difficult. We need to include information such as grade level
> appropriateness, visual images, educational purpose, etc.
> So I have been doing my best to incorporate standard cataloguing
> proceeds with specific company needs. For example, I introduced
> Sear's subject headings to replace key words and have tried to
> standardize call numbers.
> My question is does anyone know of any software or other resources
> that address the needs of video or corporate libraries. I am hoping
> that someone else has already addressed many of my difficulties and
> may have come up some solutions. I don't want to reinvent the wheel.
> I really appreciate your assistance.
> Thank you,
> Laura

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