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We used to say that if you were doing a presentation and it took more than
two trips in from the car to carry all your presentation paraphernalia, it
was a multimedia presentation 8-).

Perhaps more to the point, when we created the Fair Use Guidelines for
educational Multimedia, we incorporated into those guidelines the following

1.2 Background

These guidelines clarify the application of fair use of copyrighted works
as teaching methods are adapted to new learning environments. Educators
have traditionally brought copyrighted books, videos, slides, sound
recordings and other media into the classroom, along with accompanying
projection and playback equipment. Multimedia creators integrated these
individual instructional resources with their own original works in a
meaningful way, providing compact educational tools that allow great
flexibility in teaching and learning. Material is stored so that it may be
retrieved in a nonlinear fashion, depending on the needs or interests of
learners. Educators can use multimedia projects to respond spontaneously to
students' questions by referring quickly to relevant portions. In addition,
students can use multimedia projects to pursue independent study according
to their needs or at a pace appropriate to their capabilities.

1.3 Applicability of These Guidelines

...Educational multimedia projects created under these guidelines
incorporate students' or educators' original material, such as course notes
or commentary, together with various copyrighted media formats including
but not limited to, motion media, music, text material, graphics,
illustrations, photographs and digital software which are combined into an
integrated presentation. ...

For anyone who is interested, the full text of these guidelines as well as
related supporting documentation is available on my website (see URL below)
as well as numerous other locations on the web.

Stan Diamond

>Anybody on this list want to attempt the definition of "multimedia?"
>I am having a disagreement with my superiors. Please don't send me
>dictionary definitions, I already have those. My superiors disagree
>with those definitions and, based on their very narrow interpretation
>of this term, want to remove it from my job description. thanks.
>Dept. Head, Library Media Center
>California State University, Sacramento.

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