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I have already posted versions of this for the SCS & Archive listserves but
I think it is important for libraries too.

The AFI is sponsering a celebrity filled tv special next month in which
they will unveil a list of the "100 Greatest American films". What they
don't telll you is that the whole thing is sponsered by the large studios,
video chains. The studios will be paying thousands of dollars per title to
get there films on the list which will then be promoted through video
stores and distributors with the AFI seal of approval as one of the 100
best films.

The AFI has already chosen a list of the 400 greatest films from which
the 100 will be chosen. There are NO DOCUMENTARIES, ONE INDEPEDENT FILM (
by which I mean an indepedent film which is not owned by one of the
sponsering studios) , however EVERY FILM which one a best picture Oscar no
matter how mediocre ( BROADWAY MELODY, AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS etc)
Among the films on the list of 400 are PRETTY WOMAN, LETHAL WEAPON,
SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, BEVERLY HILLS COP etc. Among the films not on the
CITY and pretty much every indepedent film ever made. No film not released
on video ( such as LOVE ME TONIGHT) is even considered.

The AFI and the studios expect the public to believe that this a
definative unbiased list of the great American films. I suspect they think
libraries will feel an obligation to have these films in their collections
and will market them as such.The studios and stores are going to spend
millions on this and this is money that could actually be spend of film
preservation or making more really great films available on video.

I hope there will some kind of public reaction against this farce.
If you want to see the whole list and info go to

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