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Lucy Lockley (
Wed, 20 May 1998 16:04:02 -0500


I select the movies for the Adult collection in a medium-size public
library in the midwest U.S. (St. Charles County, just 25 miles west of St.
Louis, Missouri). The movies are for a more general clientel, similar to
what would be avialable from most video stores, but our Collection
Development policy prohibits purchasing any titles less than 6 months old
(i.e. 6 months after their original video release date). The sources I use
most are:

"Video Librarian" (the movie review section)

"FILMsCHOOL's PARENTAL DISCRETION" - a newsletter that is published every 3
weeks and does 'content specific' reviews of current theatrical releases.
I check the previous year's issues for titles that will meet our time
constraints and try to compare the reviews with those in...

Popular news magazines, such as "Newsweek", "Time", "Entertainment Weekly",
"People", etc. (movie review sections)

I also use the current editions of "Leonard Maltin's Movie & Video Guide"
and the "VideoHound's Golden Movie Retriever" as they both have a 0-4 Stars
(or Bones) rating system (the VideoHound guide lists any awards/nominations
with the description of the title).

We order most of our movies through Baker & Taylor and they put out a
monthly Video newsletter which lists the top 10-15 rental titles.

I believe our non-fiction videos are selected using reviews from
professional journals (such "Library Journal" & "Booklist"), "Video
Librarian" and various publishers catalogs (based on subject-areas that are
being developed in our non-fiction collection). The selector may use other
tools that I am not aware of; unfortunately she is on vacation through next
week so I cannot ask her in time to reply to your request.

Hope this is useful.

Lucy M. Lockley
McClay Branch Library

At 08:33 AM 5/20/98 -0700, Oksana Dykyj wrote:
>Dear videolibbers,
>I was wondering if you would share with the group which 3-5
>publications/journals are the most important to you in doing your jobs.
>Whether they are technical reference, contain reviews for purchase
>considerations, have a media administration slant or are general AV
>librarianship publications. I'm thinking about my subscriptions for next
>year and would be willing to compile the list and post it if people e-mailed
>me directly, otherwise I'll take it from the listserv and summarize. Let's
>give ourselves a deadline of Friday May 22 for this.
>Oksana Dykyj
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