Chris Lewis (
Wed, 13 May 1998 08:37:14 -0400

Oksana wrote:

"There appears to be some confusion with frames. Film frames do not
equal video frames. In a CAV laserdisc every single film frame has a
specific ascending number associated with it so that were one to count
the number of frames on the film (that was used for the video transfer
to laserdisc), it would correspond exactly with the number of frames on
the analog encoded laserdisc."

Chris Lewis writes:
I'm zo confuzed. I'm probably missing something in this discussion
regarding frame-by-frame analysis but here goes anyway... I understand
the value of freezeframes and frame-by-frame analysis in the course of
film study but LDs are playing at 30fps the same as DVDs, correct? It
sounds like you are suggesting that an LD is able to deliver video at
the same fps rate (24) as film. I always thought the frame-count on a
laserdisc was based on the number of actual video frames at 30fps.

Besides I challenge anyone to prove to me that any director of
live-action film actually choreographed his/her film down to the
individual frame (though some, perhaps Stan Brakhage, may claim to after
the fact). Of course editors cut to the frame but what they are really
cutting on is a moment of an image which is preserved in each of the