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Adrienne Howard's comments regarding Kristine Brancolini's post:
>"Jog and Shuttle Controls For precise and effortless viewing control, you
>can 'jog' the DVD image frame by frame, with each image crystal-clear and
>distortion free. The shuttle control lets you scan forward or in reverse at
>a variety of speeds."

>> In the May 1998 issue of _The Laser Disc Newsletter_ Douglas Pratt wrote
>> this in response to a letter to the editor extolling the virtues of DVD:
>> "There will never be, on DVD, a way to analyze the classic films on a
>> frame-by-frame basis, and so, as an aspect of the eventual DVD market, for
>> academics and dedicated film buffs, LDs should continue to thrive unless
>> the industry is too foolish to recognize their value."

There appears to be some confusion with frames. Film frames do not equal
video frames. In a CAV laserdisc every single film frame has a specific
ascending number associated with it so that were one to count the number of
frames on the film (that was used for the video transfer to laserdisc), it
would correspond exactly with the number of frames on the analog encoded
laserdisc. Digital freeze frames refer to the laserdisc or DVD player's
ability to stop a laserdisc or DVD at a desired spot and to digitally freeze
the next area contiguous to the first freeze frame and so on, but this in no
way represents the sequence of original film frames. For most instructors
contiguous freeze frames do the trick in formal analysis, but this will not
satisfy everyone and many of us will have to deal with 16mm and 35mm
collections for quite some time to come.

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