Search- Mexican film

Agee, Jane (
Fri, 08 May 98 16:49:20 est

I have a search with which I've had no luck. Hopefully, the collective
minds of videolib can help.

A visiting scholar at the National Humanities Center need to have a film
verified -- "El Elejido". The film was mentioned to him by someone in
Mexico City in 1996. He said that it was perhaps 20 years old, and it dealt
with a character, El Elejido, who was elected to play Jesus Christ in a
passion play, perhaps the one at Iztapalapa, the burough in Mexico City
where a famous passion play is performed each year. I've searched all the
databases and web sites I could find, and talked with a specialist in Latin
American film and did not find anything. I'm not certain that this is even a
correct title. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Thank you in advance.

Jane Agee
Duke University Library