Wanted: Full Time Movie Data Expert (fwd)

Gary Handman (ghandman@library.berkeley.edu)
Fri, 8 May 1998 10:17:46 -0700 (PDT)

Zowie! Big Rapids Michigan calls....

Gary Handman
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Date: Fri, 8 May 1998 11:54:19 -0400
From: Michael Erlewine <michael@thenewage.com>
To: ghandman@library.berkeley.edu
Subject: Wanted: Full Time Movie Data Expert

Wanted: Full Time Movie Data Expert

The All-Movie Guide is a large relational database of movie information,
available in book form, on CD-ROM, and online via commercial online services
and internet retailers. The All-Movie Guide web site is located at

We are looking for a FULL-TIME MOVIE EXPERT (with very strong computer
experience) to relocate and work onsite here in Big Rapids, Michigan at AMG,
the All-Movie Guide. This position will head up our department and involves
supervising others. The job pays well and includes a complete benefit
package, including health, dental, 401K, etc.


If you have the necessary experience and are willing to RELOCATE, please
send email to Michael Erlewine (executive editor AMG) at

Video Senior Editor (on-site)

The duties of the AMG Video Senior Editor include the overall management and
maintenance of the video database. It's a full time on-site job at our Big
Rapids office. We produce databases for online areas, books and CD-ROMS. We
need a bright, hard-working person to be a member of our
editorial/programming team.

This position involves the supervision and coordination of on-site staff and
writers and reviewers who work off-site. In addition to the written content
of the position, it also involves hands-on database work of a very detailed
nature - cleaning, linking, updating. An appreciation and respect for the
honing and archiving of data, combined with a vital appreciation of the film
and video industry is a must.

Required skills:

Extensive knowledge of film, film personalities and the film industry
Excellent writing and editing skills
Project management experience
Data collection/manipulation skills
Good communication skills

Also a plus...

Experience working with a large relational database
Experience in reading/writing database script
Experience with FoxPro
Programming experience


We also are looking for many off-site free-lance writers to work with AMG.
We need writers of synopses, articles, essays, movie maps, reviews, etc. You
can work offsite for these jobs. If interested, send a note with your areas
of expertise to Forest Ray at Forest@AllMovie.com

For a look at what we do, check our web site at http://www.allmovie.com, and
then contact Forest at (616) 796-6398 for more information. (EOE)