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Stan Diamond (
Thu, 7 May 1998 14:17:08 -0400


Yes and no! Yes the clips must be taken from an owned or licensed copy.
The Multimedia Guidelines actually allow the presenter to copy the clips
onto a presentation CD, zip disc or tape etc. If you are simply playing the
clips from the original tape or laser disc, there are no restrictions as to
length of clips and the entire work may be used in a face to face teaching
situation. In a worst case scenario, one would need a public performance
license which is substantially cheaper than a duplication license.

>Would you agree that the material must be in a commercially available
>format, so in this case, a purchased video or laserdisc and not an off air
>recording, and the the clips must be shown using the original commercially
>purchased video rather than taping them all on one tape for convenience?
>> The Fairuse Guidelines for Multimedia (see my website below for the
>>full text), all an educator to use up to 3 minutes from any one copyrighted
>>work that they own. If one owns two different versions of the Wizard, that
>>means a total of 6 minutes. The presentation containing the clips may be
>>used in regular instruction and in Peer presentations at conferences etc.
>>Hope this helps.
>>>My boss wants to use four or five small portions of the Wizard of Oz as
>>>part of a presentation. Each clip will be no more than one minutes in
>>>duration. This presentation will be about collaboration and the costs
>>>of running information technology organizations in higher education.
>>>She will not be compensated for this and considers this an educational
>>>My question: Do we need to obtain copyright permission to use the clips
>>>in her presentation? If so, who do I need to contact regarding
>>>obtaining this permission?
>>>MGM is the studio the produced the film. If I need to contact them, do
>>>any of you know the name of the person I would need to talk to?
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