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Stan Diamond (
Thu, 7 May 1998 12:17:57 -0400

The Fairuse Guidelines for Multimedia (see my website below for the
full text), all an educator to use up to 3 minutes from any one copyrighted
work that they own. If one owns two different versions of the Wizard, that
means a total of 6 minutes. The presentation containing the clips may be
used in regular instruction and in Peer presentations at conferences etc.
Hope this helps.


>My boss wants to use four or five small portions of the Wizard of Oz as
>part of a presentation. Each clip will be no more than one minutes in
>duration. This presentation will be about collaboration and the costs
>of running information technology organizations in higher education.
>She will not be compensated for this and considers this an educational
>My question: Do we need to obtain copyright permission to use the clips
>in her presentation? If so, who do I need to contact regarding
>obtaining this permission?
>MGM is the studio the produced the film. If I need to contact them, do
>any of you know the name of the person I would need to talk to?
>Rhonda Pancoe
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>Media & Instructional Technology
>Colgate University
>SB-8 McGregory Hall
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