New Release: Baby Teeth

Tom Furtwangler (
Tue, 5 May 1998 11:08:31 -0700 (PDT)

Novela Health Education, a non-profit agency of the University of
Washington, is pleased to announce distribution of the following videos:

Baby Teeth: Love =D4Em and Lose =D4Em
Los Dientes de Leche: Cuidelos o Pierdalos

Target audience: Parents with young children.
Message: Care of baby teeth and their role in children=D5s health &
Language/Format: Spanish & English versions. Videotapes, 18 minutes.

This creative video is produced in nightly news format, with children
acting as reporters for the Baby News Network. Intrepid reporter Sam Smile
outlines the do=D5s and don=D5ts of early dental care and hygiene, giving
special attention to the importance of weaning young children from
bottle-feeding. Babies cutting their first teeth provide commentary on
the importance of baby teeth in early childhood development and later
dental health, and the video outlines the role parents play in setting
good examples of dental hygiene.

Produced by the Washington State Association of Local WIC Agencies,
copyright 1997.

We are able to offer two versions of the video, English and Spanish.
While the two videos contain the same message, they feature different
actors, and were produced separately, for use with English-speaking and
Spanish-speaking audiences.=20

The videos are $75.00 each, or $125 for both.

For more information or to order, contact Novela Health Education at:
1-800-677-4799 or

Or fax a purchase order directly to: (206) 2214945

Tom Furtwangler
Program Manager
Novela Health Education