Re: video collection classification systems
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:16:34 E

Audiotapes, videotapes, sound filmstrips/cassettes are intershelved in the book
collection on open shelving using Dewey classification system with full MARC
record. Records because of size are shelved by Dewey in record size shelving;
sound slidesets because of packaging size are shelved separately by Dewey;
compact discs are shelved according to Dewey behind a Media Desk; we wish we
had a safe way to put them on open shelving; individual slides (Art History, etc.) are shelved in 3 Elden Enterprise slide cabinets with visible racks-we need
to computerize this collection. Having the media shelved in the book collectionhas increased circulation tremendously. Framed art prints are accessioned and
have separate shelving.
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