RE: Video Collection Classification Systems

Sally Wellman (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 08:29:09 -0500

We use accession numbers, have closed stacks, and have very limited space.

Unfortunately, our AV materials do not receive the same treatment as the
print collection. The AV section is a self contained unit. We handle all
collection development, acquistions, processing, etc. Our materials are
not sent to technical services for cataloging. I handle all the collection
development, etc., and assign LC subject headings.

We run on a stand alone automated system (Tek Data) and are not tied in the
the library's automated system. Most of our holdings do not appear in the
library's online catalog (Galaxy). Up until about 3 years ago, the AV
staff was alloted time in tech services to search OCLC and copy AV records
for Galaxy. This was before my time. I have never been able to get a
clear answer as to why tech services put a stop to this. You ought to see
the backlog of our records that needs to go in the system.

It remains to be seen if we will be allowed to work on this backlog. The
State Library will be changing from Galaxy to Dynix Horizon. AV's future
is still up in the air. We had hoped that the new system would have an AV
package which would permit advanced booking. The Horizon people tell me
it's in beta testing. (If any of you out there are using the Horizon's AV
system, I'd appreciate it if you could tell me a little about it. The
Horizon reps didn't have any information.) In any event, it looks as if AV
will continue to be a separate entity for some time to come.

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