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Tue, 21 Apr 1998 15:25:00 -0700

We use Dewey rather than LC, but we assign call numbers to all the AV except
compact discs, just as we do to the books. For CD's we use the system we
used to use for phonograph records, with the addition of CD in front (i.e.
CD-MA is popular music, CD-MJ is jazz, etc.) We added the CD to distinguish
the recordings from phonos during the years we were phasing one in and the
other out. I catalog most of the AV here, and don't find the call number
part a problem. Our big problem is that the physical processing of AV is so
much more labor intensive than books, and the amount of AV we buy keeps
increasing. We've been so overwhelmed for so long that it feels normal.
When it gets even worse, we look at what we can stop doing in order to
streamline the process. It's amazing the number of procedures that we can
live withou. Now if we could just wean the shelvers away from Cutter
numbers ...

Bonnie Hirsch
Eugene (Oregon) Public Library
| From: Rhonda Rosen
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| Subject: video collection classification systems
| Date: Tuesday, April 21, 1998 11:18AM
| hi all,
| our video collection is classified and arranged by LC call numbers. Our
| cataloging
| dept. has been overwhelmed lately with the volume of videos purchased, and
| hoping to outsource the cataloging of videos. They have found that the LC
| system
| is more expensive, and have made an assumption that nobody arranges media
| collections in LC - only by accession numbers. I do not want to go to
| type
| of system -- can you guys let me know if there really are collections out
| there that
| do indeed use LC?
| thanks,
| rhonda
| Rhonda Rosen
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