Theatrical films in public libraries

Michael (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 09:58:54 -0400

Hello again,
This time I'm looking for statistics regarding videos in public
libraries in
the United States. I'm particularly interested in theatrical videos and
the MPAA ratings or other ratings systems are used regarding
acquisition, circulation, etc.

Some years ago, Leigh Estabrook and the good folks at University of
Illinois Library Research Center conducted a general public and
librarian poll. A few of the results were reported in "Public vs.,
Professional Opinion of Libraries: The Great Divide?" Library Journal
April 1, 1992. They mentioned that 87 percent of the public believe
libraries should have educational videos. A questions also related to
theatrical videos, but no results were posted. Any idea of the results?

Any information or sources regarding the circulation, usage,
acquisition, etc. would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks to all for the replies to my bar-coding inquiry. We're scheduled
to begin next month and you saved me much stress and "reinventing the

Michael Vollmar-Grone
Audiovisual Librarian
Amos Memorial Public Library
Sidney, Ohio