Horses Without Man

Faye, Elizabeth (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 10:09:27 -0700

This is my first use of the Video listserv, and I'm hoping someone is
familiar with this footage:

I'm looking (desperately) for HORSES WITHOUT MAN, which I'm afraid may
only have been put onto 16mm in 1981. It was a BBC Worldwide production
as far as I can tell from Dialog AV Online. BBC in Vermont does not
have it on video - nor do I know for sure if it was ever put on video.
Videofinders does not list it either.

Does anyone know if a) HORSES WITHOUT MAN was ever put on video (VHS or
PAL), and b) is it available anywhere for purchase, and for how much?

Please reply to with any leads - I thank you very
much in advance for any help or suggestions. Elizabeth Faye, Dreamworks