Re: Digital Forever? [From: Edupage, 16 April 1998]
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:53:11 +0000

>... computer experts are finding out that under less-than-optimal conditions,
> digital tapes and disks, including CD-ROMs, can deteriorate in as little as
> five to 10 years.


Yep. I just finished reviewing Terry Sanders new video for our next
issue, "Into the Future: On the Preservation of Knowledge in the
Electronic Age" ($59.50; tel: 310-459-2116). It's the sequel to "Slow
Fires." Interviewees from Voyager Co., NASA and elsewhere make a very
good case that "digital isn't forever" and the formats are changing
faster than we're able to keep up with leading to planned
obsolescence on steroids (so to speak). NASA has original Voyager
material stored on *7*-track tape, which is a) corrupted and b) now,
a dead format. A pretty compelling wake-up call.

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