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I took the personal plunge and bought a Sony 3000 (some letters in front of
that number), which is the step down from their top model, the 7000. Sony
has already closed out the 3000 with plans for another moderately priced

I did not compare to other manufacturers models. All I can say is that I
was very impressed (alright, "blown away"), when I compared the letterboxed
director's cut DVD and the laserdisc versions of Bladerunner. The DVD has a
remarkable increase in detail, for example you can clearly see features on
shadowy faces, and I think I finally understand what is meant by video
noise, of which DVDs are supposed to have very little. The DVD image is
rock-solid, where the laserdisc image has a shimmer. The DVD color is also
very vibrant, with deep blacks and pure whites. On the down side, I
compared the letterboxed DVD and laserdisc versions of Forbidden Planet,
and would have to give the laserdisc the edge. Though the image on the DVD
was more solid, the colors were more pale, and the image was less sharp
than the laserdisc. I've also occasionally seen digital artifacts, where
the picture momentarily kind of breaks up and gets blocky. So, like
everything, we won't be able to automatically assume that the DVD of a
movie is better than the laserdisc. That will depend on source material the
manufacturers' care in transferring movies to DVD. But again, Bladerunner
was a revelation. (FYI, I am using a 53 inch Sony rear projection TV.)

-Jeff P.

At 01:39 PM 4/6/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Well...although I said I wasn't gonna take the leap, I've gotten some odd
>money (is there such a thing?) thrown my way to buy a DVD player. Anyone
>got any recommendations, warnings, etc. re particular manufacturers and
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