Letterbox vs reformatted

Mary Gontarek --- Owatonna Public Library (MARYG@selco.lib.mn.us)
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 12:00:52 -0600

I'm the guilty party who started this whole discussion. Sorry it has taken
me so long to respond but we just had our bibliographic committee meeting
yesterday and --- we won!!!!! Thanks to all of you for your helpful comments.
I had a rude awakening yesterday. It's so easy to get bogged down in the
day to day stuff that we tend to forget that we still haven't won the major
battle - convincing the rank and file of librarians that the world is
constantly changing and libraries are no longer just about books. I'm a
compulsive reader - books, magazines, newspapers, cereal boxes - but I also
am passionate about films! I also love to listen to books on tape. If I
didn't work in a library, I'd be one of their most demanding patrons!
I don't pretend to be the only one who feels this way - there were several
others on the commitee who backed me up all the way. It was a majority
decision. Unfortunately, the ones who wanted to go backward are working
solely behind a desk and they're the ones heading up the committees! You
cannot pretend to know what library patrons want and need if you never have
any contact with them. Better yet, be one!
Thanks again to everyone who responded to my plea!


Owatonna Public Library
Owatonna, MN