bar code placement -Reply

Carole Clemens (
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 07:44:53 -0700

We place barcodes on video and jewel cases. It is
much easier to replace them when the cases die
from overuse as frisbees or deadly drops in book
returns. And yes, a barcode on the CD itself will
prevent it from playing properly. We write the
LC call number on the labeled side of the CD
prior to placement of the 3M cover which contains
the tattletape. Our loss rate is very low. Have

Carole Clemens
Albertsons Library
Boise State University
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>>> m <> 03/30/98 07:31pm
We are in the process of automating our medium
size public
library. Might I inquire as to where others on the
place their bar codes on AV materials? My
thought is to
place them on the materials themselves as they
need to be
verified during check-in anyway.
Another question: does a bar code affect the spin
of a
compact disc?
Michael Vollmar-Grone
Audiovisual Librarian
Amos Memorial Public Library