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Kino has a series called THE MOVIES BEGIN. It is a 5-volume set where one
video deals with THE EUROPEAN PIONEERS and another with THE MAGIC OF MELIES.
Note that this is not a documentary series but a compilation of the films
themselves. Another series that has a point of view (scholar Noel
Burch's)and voice over commentary over the clips is WHAT DO THESE OLD FILMS
MEAN from Facets.

The best is Brownlow and Gill's HOLLYWOOD SERIES. It aired on PBS and
occasionally revisits TCM. It is out of print now, I believe, but worth
searching for. It covers the U.S. silent period. Their CINEMA EUROPE has had
broadcast airing and will no doubt be distributed on video soon. This is
another one that is a must buy.

We just purchased an interesting film history point-of-view documentary on
laserdisc, MARTIN SCORSESE A PERSONAL JOURNEY. It is film history as seen
by Martin Scorsese who's always an interesting speaker and it's very well
organized around themes and genres. I recommend this one highly. Try Ken

Another excellent series but on the fringe, is the 4 part MUSIC FOR THE
MOVIES. It deals with Hollywood, European and Japanese films and scores. Try
Ken Crane's.


>We are interested in buying a series of videos
>about the history of the movies We own the
>Annenberg Project set called American Cinema.
>Are there other series which might include
>segments about foreign films and their influence
>upon the American industry?
>Thank you.
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