Re: Letterbox vs reformatted

Myles Jaeschke (
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 15:31:17 -0800

I just joined this list and already interesting topic! When a video is
available both ways, I don't even consider "pan and scan". Our system
is medium-large--23 branches and 1 central library. When I order
videos, some of the other branches attach to my order so, they too get
what I order. (Widescreen) If a title is "letterboxed" our catalogers
specify in the record if the title is "letterboxed". If it is not
letterboxed then no notation is made.

In short, educate the public, buy "Widescreen"!

Hope this helps,
Myles Jaeschke
Film Librarian
Tulsa City-County Library