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Fri, 20 Mar 1998 13:16:33 -0800

At 09:26 AM 3/17/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Does anyone know a good vendor for purchasing music CD's? We need to add
>classical music CD's to replace old records. Does anyone else still have
>old LP's lurking in their collections?
>Gerie Ventura
>Media Services
>Highline Community College
>Des Moines, Washington

We have used AEC One Stop Group, or formerly known as CD One Stop, at CD One
STop, 13 Francis J. Clarke Circle,
Bethel, CT 06801, Phone 1-800-8889, FAX 203-798-8852. They do a good job
for us, and we order some pretty obscure stuff. They also have a monthly
catalog they send out. We are also starting to use Baker and Taylor again,
but it isn't as easy searching for classical music on the BTlink as it is
for non classical. Hope
this helps.

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