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At 03:09 PM 3/12/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I have just completed a documentary on what has been called "the most
>significant Civil War battle for African Americans." The battle was at New
>Market Heights, in Virginia, 1864... this is not the battle in the film
>"Glory." At New Market Heights, 4 times as many black soldiers died (as in
>the Glory battle), 14 (of the total of 16 in the whole War) black soldiers
>got the Medal of Honor in this one battle, and this was the first time in
>American history when a unit of predominately black soldiers made up an
>attacking unit that won a victory for the US Army. My documentary is called
>"The Forgotten Fourteen." I need your suggestions to successfully market and
>sell this product to libraries. The cost is $99 for public performance
>rights, VHS copy, which runs 28 minutes. Free preview copies are available
>via a fax request on letterhead. Your suggestions would be very much
>appreciated. Thanks
>Richard Groover, producer
>Jackson Associates
>P.O. Box 1155
>Mechanicsville, VA 23111
>fax: (804) 730-8297
>voice: (804) 730-1921

Sorry this is so late, but I have been super busy. Probably others have
answered you and given you the same suggestions, but here goes. I had a
gentleman come to my library with a video he produced on his experiences in
WWII. I suggested that if he wanted to get it into libraries, he should
submit it to various library journals which reviewed videos, such as
Booklist, Library Journal, Video Librarian, etc. Well, he must have taken
my suggestion, because later that year, I saw his video reviewed in both
Booklist and LJ. I know I buy most of my videos based on reviews, and
probably a lot of other librarians do to. I do have to say that the cost of
your video is a little high for us, but good luck!

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