RE: Checkout for Audio Visual Items

Thu, 19 Mar 1998 15:49:58 -0500

Hi Sally:

Just a quick "hello", I noticed your posting on the listserve so it appears
as if you became a member without any problems! I hope you received some
individual responses, as it looks as if only one person responded to your
message on the listserve. As I have been lurking on VideoLib for a while, I
know that there was a similar discussion some few months back.

I thought I would pass on a name and number to you; someone who may provide
some helpful information regarding your posting.

Mr. Kent Moore
Prince George's Public Library System
Hyattsville, MD (suburb of DC)
(301) 699-9656
15 branches with video collections
Main branch has separate A/V department (looks like a Blockbuster!)

Kent has been an A/V Media Specialist for many years, and has one of the
largest video collections I'm aware of.

I hope this proves helpful.

Best regards,

Liz D. Shemeley
Key Accounts Manager <>
800 843-3620