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>I am forwarding this to the list from my music librarian even though it
>does not directly pertain to video. I know sometimes there are people on
>the list who may have responsibility for CD collections and may have missed
>this on the music listservs.
>" This message is for anyone who owns CDs with the following labels which
>were issued from 1988 to 1993 by PDO (Phillips and Du Pont Optical):
>Hyperion, Helios, ASV, Pearl, Unicorn.
>These English labels are subject fo corrosion that will result in the
>sonic deterioration of the discs. The corrosion is easy to both see and
>hear. Affected discs show an unmistakable coppery-bronze coloration on
>the TOP side (not the clear playing side). The corrosion begins at the
>edges and progresses toward the center. Very badly corroded aeas will be
>almost all noise or simply not track at all. Only discs issued from 1988
>to 1993 are suspect."
>Free replacements are being offered by PDO. You can contact me if you want
>information about how to replace defective discs.
>IMS has identified three such discs in our collection to date.
>Karen C. Driessen, Director Phone: 406-243-2856
>Instructional Media Services FAX: 406-243-4067
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